About Our Company

Democratizing data.

The Cognera team consists of passionate tech enthusiasts - from our sales and marketing persons to our developers. Each and every person understands the importance and power of data, and all that can be achieved through its proper harnessing.

We are very proud of our team culture. As well as offering modern solutions, we are a modern business with a hybrid of in-office and remote workers. Our diverse team provides diverse opinions, leading to optimal solutions.

Core Values

Cognera shares a fundamental set of core values which sets the working principles of our company.

Customer Commitment

We believe in always putting the customer first, to enable genuine development and adaptation for their unique market requirements.

Strive to be better

Understand and then solve. Without communication or mutual feedback, we cannot bring true data driven solutions to our customers.


Fairness in all aspects of business. We expect the same from all parties we do business with.

Our Mission

Make Data Analytics easy and accessible to all.

Effectively handling scaling-by-the-day data is becoming a prominent challenge among SMB’s.

Cognera aims to bring a state-of-the-art cloud data platform and analytic solutions to our partners. In-house data platforms require complex and massive resources, which can be particularly difficult for SMBs.

Gain total flexibility - regardless of whether your team is on-prem, on cloud, or hybrid. Keep the actual data on the cloud or use your on-prem storage. Cognera uses its data processing-engine to leverage a fully decoupled architecture.