Data Solutions for SMBs

The one-stop-shop for data ingestion, preparation & analysis.

The Traditional Option

The Traditional Option

The traditional option is to invest in setting up data platform solutions in-house. Although this comes with a huge financial commitment this will require, most SMBs use this option because alternatives… until now.

The Smart Option

The Smart Option

Another option is to use Cognera, which allows SMBs to mine data and gain insights without breaking the bank. Our fully-managed cloud data platform integrates different technologies that are required to meet your organization’s data needs.

How SMBs Are Using Cognera

Cognera is a fully managed data platform that ingests and analyzes a wide variety of data, enabling businesses of all sizes to benefit from the vast amount of data accessible to them.

As a SaaS (Service as a Service), Cognera takes the burden of configuration and maintenance away from the organization and replaces it with a ready-to-use platform. You simply point the platform in the right direction and let it work.

There are no additional resources required because Cognera brings all of the software and technology you need to extract, load, and transform the data in one place. Some (of the many) specific industry solutions include:



Optimize consumer engagement through a 360 degree view of your data analytics. Ensure accurate statistics and data-driven decision-making.



Aggregate and visualize data across all marketing data silos. Bring data-driven smart solutions to your current and prospective customers.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Collect, compute and analyze all data from a single source. Cognera enables banks, insurance companies, fintech, and other institutions to be more agile, reliable, secure, and customer-oriented. Make better, data-driven financial decisions.



Consolidated and integrated data analysis enables educational institutions and platforms to fully understand their user’s needs and expectations. Better your user’s experiences and attain a greater level of credibility.

How SMBs are Benefiting from Cognera


Versatile Database

Cognera can ingest data from a wide variety of sources. It is equipped to extract semi-structured, binary data and even structured data from relational databases. Our platform can handle data in whatever form it comes in and from multiple sources.


Data Analytics Hub

While Cognera offers initial AI-powered graphs for quick analysis, our platform can also easily integrate to your favorite BI tool. Simply connect Cognera to Tableau (or one of your choosing) and visualize your clean, processed data all in a centralized location.


Extreme Scalability

Our user-friendly interface makes data ingestion faster and more efficient. Cognera is equipped to handle terabyte-scale data and ingest billions of data points. We also are powered by Hetzner Cloud, meaning we are readily scalable and highly available.


Transparent Pricing

Cognera’s transparent pricing ensures no billing surprises even as you scale. Reduce costs by up to %70 with our incredibly fast and highly reliable platform.


Security of the Cloud

All the data get encrypted before storing. You can manage restrictions with advanced access control to selective data, and secure PII data with advanced hashing.