Benefits of Cloud Data Platforms for SMBs Without In-house IT

Benefits of Cloud Data Platforms for SMBs Without In-house IT

Don’t let not having a tech team prevent getting technical.

Cloud data platforms enable companies to access, protect, and analyze their data. The technology is especially useful for small and medium-sized businesses where the conventional practice of investing an unreasonable amount of money in building a data platform system in-house is simply not feasible.

The majority of SMBs today do not have their own IT tech teams and chances are that you don’t have one either. What you do have is a need to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of cloud data platforms for SMBs even without tech support.

1. Easy Set-up

Modern cloud data platforms only take minutes to deploy, instead of months for traditional on-prem solutions. Web-based user interfaces enable easy self-service deployment, information loading, and data analysis for non-tech founders. Most data platforms require barely any provisioning or configuration before letting you load up and process data.

2. Security

With governments cracking down on cybersecurity, data protection is a chief concern among SMBs going with cloud-based platforms. Thankfully, modern cloud data platforms aren’t just more practical than a traditional in-house system, they are also very secure.

For instance, with Cognera, SMBs get access to a fully decoupled cloud architecture, based on Amazon’s extremely secure data centers. With server-side encryption and various authentication and verification systems in place, your company’s data stays safe and compliant with international data and privacy regulations.

3. Analytics

One of the biggest appeals of a cloud-based data platform is its powerful analytics capabilities. With your data in the cloud, you can quickly deploy monitoring systems and create personalized analyses to assess data across your whole organization. You may improve efficiency and make action plans to fulfill organizational goals based on these findings.

4. Affordable

Managing your own analytics engine is very costly, even without IT personnel to look after it. The upfront hardware cost alone can set businesses back by thousands of dollars. On the other hand, a cloud data platform like Cognera offers pay-as-you-go pricing which virtually eliminates any upfront costs.

5. Data Science without Data Scientists

Conventionally, leveraging data science to make business decisions has required a team of data scientists that can lay down the necessary pipelines and IT infrastructure required for processing data. But with cloud data platforms, small businesses get all of the tools and massive computing power required for data science in a single, user-friendly platform - without having to deal with the global data scientist shortage.

Wrapping up…

A growing number of innovative firms and market leaders understand the advantages of cloud data platforms and thus successfully employ cloud-based analytics to operate their businesses more effectively, provide better service to their clients, and boost their margins. And with cloud-based data platforms, SMBs without any IT personnel can, too, achieve similar results at a much lower cost and with fewer barriers to entry.

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