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Cognera is the secure, fully-managed cloud data platform for SMBs. Our mission: make Data Analytics easy and accessible to all.

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Cognera | Fully managed Cloud Data Platform for SMB's

Why Cognera?

Cognera is the missing link in reaching your data-driven goals. Our platform makes it quick and easy to have a stable, flexible and reliable cloud data platform with near-zero technical knowledge. Bring all of your company data from every single source, explore with SQL and visualize with your favorite BI tool or our advanced built-in graphs.

Ready For Takeoff

Modernize your data warehousing with Cognera. Our state of the art cloud data platform is ready to handle your scalable structured and unstructured data.

Highly Secure

Data is an asset. Cognera is a secure, cloud data platform which encrypts all of your data and offers on demand data warehousing.

Zero Maintenance

Zero maintenance, as an objective, may not be easy to achieve. But as an initiative, it can be a driver for significant delivery improvements and transformational results.

Cost Effective

Handling data should not be a burden for SMB’s. Cognera offers flexible pricing options and only requires you to pay for what is used.

Our Pricing


Yearly (2 months free)


199 mo
1990 yr
  • Unlimited integration
  • 1 user
  • 300k rows / mo
  • 1 hour sync frequency
  • Email support
  • Free on-boarding
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699 mo
6990 yr
  • Everything from Micro
  • 5 users
  • 3m rows / mo
  • 5 min. sync frequency
  • Phone support
  • 10h Data Team Support
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1499 mo
14990 yr
  • Everything from Startup
  • 10 users
  • 10m rows / mo
  • 1 min. sync frequency
  • Dedicated CHO
  • 25h Data Team Support
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Who Benefits from Cognera?


Become data-driven in minutes, not months.

Data Engineers

No more tremendous data preparation.

BI Teams

Cut the wait for ‘ready for analytics’ data.

Executive Teams

No more hassle - get all reports reliably on time.




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